The bookstore chain’s stand-alone store at the Alabang Town Center, located about 20 kilometers south of Metro Manila’s central business district, houses 4 levels of book and stationery retail. The newer outlet’s architecture continues the flagship store’s graphical lines and open plan, while introducing a different building envelope designed to answer the developer’s strict brief for the new building to blend with the existing mall complex’s architecture, which features sloped roofs, wood trellises and stucco walls. 

The main exterior elevation, facing the mall complex and pedestrian paths, consists of horizontal bands of walls cladded with natural yakal, and windows situated at eye level to allow views and natural light for customers reading and browsing. The structural columns are recessed and isolated from the exterior wall – allowing a free façade and unobstructed views of the surrounding development. Escalators are stacked along a curtain wall in the center of this façade, allowing a wide view and sunlight in the main circulation area.

On the south side, facing the main road outside the complex, the openings are placed at clerestory height and reduced to narrower strips to minimize the afternoon sun’s glare and heat gain, and maximize wall space for books. At the ends of the rows of shelves, the windows are lowered over reading benches, and shaded by existing grown trees along the road.